Saturday, May 10, 2008

The very famous "Phoebe Juliet"

My girl Phoebe is so special...she gets her own posts for her sets!!! Lol. Well she is famous on polyvore. Famous for a thoughtful, creative, magical sets. I will be posting my favorite ones of hers =)


Certian days when I am feeling magically inspired by certain things I make a set.
On polyvore that is. They are really fun, and It they are a great way to express your feelings.
Ill post a few of my favorites, and others =)My friend HBT's style is very vintage, creative, colorful, and fun, and my friend phoebe Juliet style is very magical, creative, and unique. My style is fun, creative, unique, colorful, and full of joy =)

Untill my dumb computer is fixed to let me upload my own pix of me and my outfits, I will show you my style through my sets.

^ A set of my own ^

^A set of my own^

^A set of my own^

^A set of me own =) ^

^ A set of me own ^

^A set of my own^


^ HBT's set ^

^HBT's set^

^HBT's set^

^HBT's set^

Monday, April 28, 2008

Calling all Vintagers people persons ?!? -)

Ughh enough said. I. Need. More. Vintage. In. My. Life..........Too bad there are absolutely NO good Thrift stores around my area. GoodWill-Ehhhh no, Salvation Army- NO. I havent seen others. Maybe as time flies....who knws. American A. Is great for vintage inspired wear, but Im not sure If their is any over in my area. And I have never shopped online before so....Probably out of ze question!

I would pick out a few vintage pieces to wear to mix up my outfits. I have some vintage inspired accessories from my mom and aunt. Like these 3 cocktail rings that were oh so cheap. I started off with five but..ugh...Mom went out to drunk(more like TIPSY =)....who knows where the ring ran off too. Let her tell the story the gem popped out mysteriously...YEA RIGHT! anyways....

I also have a necklace from forever21, kind of on the vintage side. Ill take pix later. Also some gold earrings from Guess...FOUND EM" CHEAP! and more...Come 2 think about it, I have more vintage jewlery than anything =)
Dont worry I WILL take pix..I promise! You knw what, how about I take them now so I wont forget huh??

Hehe..thsi is very random year my moms throwing a 70's theme b-day party for herself. Abviously, I WONT BE THERE!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just thought I'd browse though Mon cabinet and list my Top 10 fave items!

I'll post pics later.

My Top 10 fave items in my closet:

My skinny jeans with a yellow and orange stitching..Fabulous

My striped t-shirt dress

My tight fitting casual yellow sweater with tulips

Black and Silver Roca-Wear tennis shoes

brown green and faint pink striped flats

My summery white white skirt.

Bronze Gladiators =)

Classic L.V purse. Gotta luv the Louis Vuitton!

Very Flowey Red Top

Monday, April 21, 2008

Vintage finds

In my whole 12 almost 13 years of life, I have not once gone thrift shopping. Pretty suprising huh? Well-its no lie. I really would like to go thrifting some time. There is all sorts of vintage finds there, and they are so unique. Lots of things found at Urban Outfitters can be found at thrift shops also. The only thing that I do have from a thrift shop is a stuffed animal my mom got me when I was little. Lol.

I also promise to start posting pictures of my closet, clothes, and outfits. I never do, and I think all of you fashionistas out there might love to see what I wear on a daily basis??!?!?

So I'd like to post some of the thinks I would like to buy this summa!
btw- There Is nothing more gorgeous than girls wearing guys clothing in a feminine way!!!

I am starting to fall in love with vintage wear!!!!

I really want a cute halter vest like this one. And the reversable hoodie would be great for the chilly summer days here in Cali. The one piece jumper is adorable =)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ze Gladiator

Okay once again I apoligize for not making more posts in the past. I promise to post frequently now. Mostly on weekends....anywhoo Lets discuss the Glad. Sandal trends. How do yu girlies feel about it?

Yes The fabulous Gladiator Sandal Trend. Which Is said to be a really BIG trends this spring. I personally would like some of these sandals. I have not one pair yet =(

The Sandal:

Friday, April 4, 2008

Headbands Rule the earth!

Haha! I apoligize to all of my readers that I havent posted in soo long! I have been meaning to post this one for like a week though. Seriously!! Well I myelf has an EXTREME obsession for HEADBANDS!!!!!!!! They are just so cute, and to me complete every outfit! My inspiration is Leighton Meester who plays "Blair Waldorf" in Gossip Girl!! All of her headbands are fabulous and stunning, and I wish I could just steal every single one of them. Unfortunately, that is not an option =( But below I will post loads of pics of her headbands! *(Have you ever seen Blair without a headband?)


I love her style more and more every time I watch the show!

I looove this one!

Very simple and preppy chic