Monday, April 21, 2008

Vintage finds

In my whole 12 almost 13 years of life, I have not once gone thrift shopping. Pretty suprising huh? Well-its no lie. I really would like to go thrifting some time. There is all sorts of vintage finds there, and they are so unique. Lots of things found at Urban Outfitters can be found at thrift shops also. The only thing that I do have from a thrift shop is a stuffed animal my mom got me when I was little. Lol.

I also promise to start posting pictures of my closet, clothes, and outfits. I never do, and I think all of you fashionistas out there might love to see what I wear on a daily basis??!?!?

So I'd like to post some of the thinks I would like to buy this summa!
btw- There Is nothing more gorgeous than girls wearing guys clothing in a feminine way!!!

I am starting to fall in love with vintage wear!!!!

I really want a cute halter vest like this one. And the reversable hoodie would be great for the chilly summer days here in Cali. The one piece jumper is adorable =)


Cool Urbanite. said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog :). I think it's great that you are gonna show some clothes and outfits of yourself!

And I like the one piece jumper.

Cait said...

Thrift shopping can be fun. Great way to recycle too.

LINDA said...

The jumper is great. :]

Dylan♥ said...

thank you =)

I need a new digital camera =(