Sunday, March 16, 2008

Good beauty products

I haven't posted for quite a while now. Just thinking through some things....

Well, I was just browsing through TEEN VOGUE and I was going to enter to win some beauty products. I decided to pot some here that I use, or like. I hope you all enjoy them =)

I don't actually have this lotion, but I used some of which my cousin has, and it smells delicious! You just want to eat it right then and there =) It smells like some sort of dessert, and If you want to attract (guys) I recommend this lotion.

This perfume smells sooooo good! I have never smelled anything like it!!! It was voted best perfume =) so yea you get the point. Go pick some up! I can't wear It because I am only 12, but I wear every body spray I like!!

A Fabulous Garnier Fructis hair product. I personally don't use this product but I do use others. I recently just switched to Pantene hair care products because they work better on ym hair but yea....

The Dior backstage Mascara. It seems to work good on the models, so HEY- why not try It? I don't wear mascara (once again Im 12) but my mom does...Of course.Maybe I should tell her to pick some up? lol. Oh yeah I almost forgot....Voted BEST MASCARA!!!! Yep, I said it! ♥♥♥

Saint Ive's Sweet Pea daily body scrub! I might have to go buy some of that for myself from Rite Aid =) I have seen it before, and my guess Is that it smells fabulous!!!! Go pick some up! Voted BEST BODY SCRUB

Saint Ive's Apricot face scrub. This smells fabulous, and I actually use tis for my face. My face is very sensitive, and I have tried many scrubs for my face, and I might switch back to Clean and Clear, but anyways.....Try this product!!!!

Last but not least The Oh-So-Fabulous PRO ACTIVE! Many Women and Men use this product and I think It is great! From what I have seen, I think it works really good on all skin types! try pro-active- it may do ya good =) ♥♥♥

Hope you enjoyed my favorite beauty picks. I wanna hear about what all of you like? Post a comment and share with me and everyone else!


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