Sunday, March 16, 2008

My current obessesions

Hmm... Let me take a minute or two to think about my current "obsessions". I will be posting this post monthly to list my new obsessions!

Flats: Yes I have an unhealthy obsession with flats! Ballet flats, it doesn't matter the kind! Whenever I see a cute pair I like (and my mom lets me get them), I buy them! I want to get them in all colors.(may sound a bit on the cookoo side).

Japanese Street Style:
I am really IN LOVE with Japanese Street Style. Mainly Harajuku style. I can just gaze at pictures for hours of this style. I don't know what fascinates me so much about this particular way of fashion! But all I know Is I love it!!

Bright color nail polish: I loove loove looove nail polish! Pink, purple, red, blue whatever!!! I give myslef very cute and unique mani/pedis so yeah....

Head Bands: I have just recently about a week ago started to actually wear them! My mom has bought me many, but I just all of a sudden started loving them! They are a great way to accessorize, and they look cute with almost every outfit! My inspiration is Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) from Gossip Girl!

Earrings: I just can't go a day without them!! I have many many pairs of them, and I just luv to wear them! I think they are a great way to change up your outfit.

Bracelets/Necklaces/Bangles: All of these I CAN"T live without!!!!!! I own so much jewlery for a good reason! THEY SET THE RIGHT LOOK WITH ANY OUTFIT!!! I like vintage jewlery, and many of my bangles I get from my Indian friend. Some I borrow from my mom, and some I buy!!!

-Tell me about your current obsessions!!!


Tru said...

good picks

Dylan♥ said...

thanx =)

FashionGirl said...

I agree good picks! And if you want to talk some more email me at

Dylan♥ said...

okay! thanx!