Monday, March 17, 2008


Happy Saint Patrick's day everyone! I hope you all wore green today =) I certainly did, so no pinching for me =) I love this Hmm....did anything lucky happen to me today? Nope I don't think soo. Although I do believe In luck- most of the time. What did you all wear today for GREEN DAY?

I am so excited because tommorrow Is CRAZEE day at my school, and yes, me and all of my friends are going to be rockin the crazy look. Yes-yes we are. WHOO!! I am so happy and excited I just want 2morrow to come! I ahve been brain storming some ideas wear.

♥Long socks, each sock different print/design
♥Loads of different color
♥CRAZEE eyeshadow and lip stick
♥1 ponytail in front at the very top of my hair, one in back.
♥Leggings( I ahve so many prints)
♥Either shorts or a skirt to go with my leggings and socks
♥2 differnt earrings.
♥2 different shoes.

What do you guys think! Ill try to take pictures!!!!!

Please give me ideas!!!

Your girlie- rockin the crazee look-

saint patricks day


JORDAN said...

Chanel is me nickname! LOL. Cute blog. I'll link you.

Dylan♥ said...

Oh okay cuz Im like what? lol

couture gal said...

Sounds 80's lol! sounds fun tho!

Dylan♥ said...

yeah it does huh lol. kind of looked like it. "80's baby lol" But crazee 80's